About the TV Show
My American Family
Comedy / Dramedy
My American Family
2019-2021, United States
22 min/Episode; 10 episodes per season
English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Romanian
United States
Movieverse Entertainment
Movieverse Entertainment

This is a single camera comedy(dramedy) TV show that follows an ensemble protagonist living under one roof in the Latino-American Martinez household.

Coming to America to fulfill the ‘American Dreams’ could be overwhelming. That’s even more so the case for Alexander Ramonovich, or Alex for short, a European native with an exposure to the Chinese culture, who comes to the U.S. from China to pursue his goals. Having lived in China for many years, he arrives in the U.S. through a China-US educational program, only to find himself experiencing double culture shock in the new country. His homestay family is not making things easier for him.

The Martinez’s is a family of 3 – Victoria, Miguel and their daughter Guadalupe (who prefers to be called Phoebe). Miguel offers his home as a host family for the China-U.S. educational program. Apart from the obvious reason of having an extra income, he has a hidden agenda of learning martial arts so that he could compete at America’s Got Talent (Miguel’s secret American Dreams). When he sees Alex’s profile with his martial arts champion title, Miguel picks Alex in a heartbeat. His wife Victoria is not aware of Miguel’s secret agenda, but for the sake of money, she signs up for the idea. The couple is surprised to find out that Alex is not what they imagine, but accept him per the agreement. Their life is however disrupted by Alex’s different life routines and way of communications. Their daughter Phoebe is amused about their new guest, and she tries to be the moderator whenever there’s a misunderstanding between the parents and Alex, but in most cases, her efforts only make things even worse.

Phoebe’s best friend and neighbor Kimi Jiang is an American Chinese girl, who just graduated and tries to figure out what to do in her life. She is excited to have Alex in the neighborhood, but the relations between them get subtle after she accidentally finds out about Alex’s family background.

After a series of setbacks in auditions, Alex’s plan of getting a job as an actor is put on hold. To make things worse, the small e-commerce business, which is his major source of income, gets seriously hammered by the U.S.-China trade war. Without a work visa and lack of funding, Alex is facing a temporary financial difficulty. . .

Tang Zhiliang is an award winning producer from China.Read More
Victor Migalchan, creator of the tv show ``My American Family``.Read More
Edward Cologna is an award-winning Producer and EntrepreneurRead More
Alex Flash is an award winning Director of Photography, based in Los Angeles
Alex Fedosov / 1st AD Alex Fedosov is European award winning producer, director specializing in television.Read More
Alexander Anikin is an award winning sound designer, composer and engineer
Andrew is an award winning TV editor based in Los AngelesRead More
Hugo is an award winning Cinematographer, based in Los Angeles.Read More
Jay Menez is a TV host and producer in Hollywood.Read More
Matthew Clark is an American Writer, Comedian and Actor based in Los Angeles
Kimberly Yee is a co - writer of My American Family TV SeriesRead More
Danny Trejo was born Dan Trejo in Echo Park, Los Angeles, ...Read More
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